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Nitco BIZ (Commercial MGT)


NITCO Commercial Abilitie:

NITCO offers complete OEM-independent services for turbo machines in cooperation with dedicated partners around the world

In accordance with company philosophy NITCO guarantees their demanding clientele a high standard for quality and safety focuse on customer proximity and are dedicated to acting swiftly and flexibly according to customer needs


Nitco BIZ (Commercial MGT)

NITCO based on experienced personnel, as well as its well-known dedicated partners around the world has prepared itself to meet the needs of customers in supplying key components of rotary gas turbines.

Commercial MGT strives to offer only original equipment. The MGT as customer support team of NITCO is dedicated to providing our clients access to high quality, cost effective spare parts.

The company is also able to supply equipment for the oil and gas industry and energy.

It should be noted that NITCO has representatives in many countries which assists company in procurement service, inspection and shipment to final destination.


Product Warranty and Service

Commercial management undertakes overseeing the guarantee for all services and products of NITCO.

Experienced teams can supply all services and products of NITCO warranty coverage at least up to 15 months from the date of delivery to the customer, and 8000 hours from operation date (whichever comes sooner).


Golden Warranty Service:

This available service is optional and offered upon customer’s request provided concluding a separate contract; therefore NITCO is committed to provide replacement parts to avoid interruption of operation till the requirements of main guarantee will be met. It should be noted that in addition to this warranty all products or services have valid insurance financed by NITCO, which in case of any damage in addition to responsibility of the company, the insurance company is also committed to provide financial compensation.


Product Support

The Company provides after sale service for its services and products after expiry of the warranty period, Commercial Management continues to offer an enhanced after-market parts service to our customers.

Particularly concluding a separate contract, NITCO lowers the cost for after sale service after such expiry.


• Public Relations

Commercial MGT as a bridge between clients and employers is responsible for public relations. In case of any inquiry from this Management, please contact by email bellow:





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